countable and uncountable; punks

punk (countable and uncountable; plural punks)

  1. (countable) (16th century) A prostitute, possibly deriving from "puncture".
  2. (countable) (19th century) The bottom in a male-male sexual relationship; a catamite.
    In prison slang, this often indicates an unwilling partner, "owned" by another.
    Because he was so weak, Vinny soon became Tony"s punk.
  3. (uncountable) A social and musical movement rooted in rebelling against the established order.
  4. (uncountable) The music of the punk movement, known for short songs with electric guitars, strong drums, and a direct, unproduced approach.
  5. (countable) A person subscribing to the movement, a punk rocker.
    Usage note: An informal plural used within the punk subculture is punx.
  6. (countable) A worthless person.
  7. (uncountable) Wood so decayed as to be dry, crumbly, and useful for tinder; touchwood.
  8. (uncountable) A fungus (Polyporus fomentarius, etc.) sometimes dried for tinder; agaric.
  9. (uncountable) An artificial tinder. See amadou and spunk.


  1. prostitute
  2. rape
  3. catamite
  4. pussy
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4 letters in word "punk": K N P U.

No anagrams for punk found in this word list.

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nu pun un up

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